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White Lotus Ballet

Moving Beyond

Dance here moves beyond the ordinary to nurture intrinsic beauty, grace, and expression individually.  If you are looking for a quiet, creative atmosphere for you or your child to experience the joy of dancing, White Lotus Ballet is here to invite you. Set in a small, serene environment surrounded by natural beauty - or online - our classes of 3-6 students (never more) are an inspirational adventure full of personal attention and private quality instruction.

Ballet & Beyond

Private & Small Group Lessons for Children & Adults

  • encourage self-confidence

  • nurture creativity

  • support self-expression

  • foster body, mind, spirit wellness

  • develop a foundation of dance skills

  • refine technique

  • enhance style

  • assist performance preparation

White Lotus Ballet specializes in personally attentive dance and movement instruction that nurtures skill, style, and self-expression. I joyfully combine a well-trained eye for detail, a strong feel for subtleties, and a unique awareness of the way energy moves and the body and mind connect to establish deep roots of technique and beauty. Each lesson is custom-tailored to develop or enhance a foundation of ability infused with fun and creativity. Relationship is at the foundation, fostering a safe, supportive, respectful, encouraging atmosphere for you or your child to grow as a dancer.

About me and my teaching style

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Toddlers & Preschoolers

Budding ballerinas and boys enjoy the first steps of dance fun in lessons for toddlers and preschool aged children. A collection of ballet basics, creative movement, dance games, adventures, and props keep this one an everlasting delight!

K-12 Children & Teens

 Ballet sprinkled with elements of jazz, modern, and multicultural dance enhance and expand movement vocabulary. Every class is interwoven with imagination and adventure to explore, discover, create, and enjoy self expression through dance. 

Adult Ballet/Barre

White Lotus Ballet Barre invites you to center yourself and flow in grace, as you strengthen your core and balance. Excellent for poise, posture, alignment, flexibility, muscle tone and peace of mind. Have fun, free yourself, and feel beautiful!

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen pampers you in self-care. It is a beautiful way to get off your feet to center, de-stress, and release. We work with breath, intention, gentle stretches, and floor barre exercises to loosen and tone simultaneously.

Healing Dance

This energy lifting movement grounds, centers, clears, soothes, awakens, and nourishes body, mind, and soul. It stimulates the meridians, activates the chakras, warms, stretches and tones the muscles. 

Dance Wellness

A blend of traditional, multicultural, creative dance styles and stretching foster wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  For total well-being, opt to add guided meditation to complement your physical fitness with inner peace.

Style Enhancement

When self-expression shines through every movement, that is style! It is the pinnacle of performance and pleasure, captivating the heart, mind, and vision of the audience and dancer. With sensitivity for subtle nuance, I support you to move beyond steps and inhibitions to radiate full feeling and confidence while you dance.

Technique Refinement

From the dancer in training to the professional, we all move upon a foundation of technique. Sometimes the slightest refinement makes the most significant difference in balance, poise, and execution. I bring a trained eye for detail and an intuitive understanding of working with energy to firm and fine-tune your foundation together with you.

Performance Preparation

Between the choreography and the stage, there is naturally an abundance of preparation - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I offer a full repertoire of coaching support through all aspects of polishing the steps, enhancing the style, and freeing the spirit to shine with ease.

Which classes interest you?

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I am 60+ years old and never danced before. Where my typical perspective of myself standing in front of a mirror is not positive,

I somehow was transformed into seeing beauty. Gigi is a beautiful person, very patient, non judging. 

New York

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